Teravail Sparwood Tan Light and Supple

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29x2.2" The ultimate Bikepacking tyre.

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Sometimes the greatest personal journeys involve long days, sleepless nights, towering mountain passes and racing to the next town before the café closes. For long-distance routes and the tenacious riders who travel them, we created the Sparwood.

Measuring in at 29 x 2.2”, the Sparwood has bikepacking deeply engrained in its DNA. When navigating routes comprised of jeep roads, twisty singletrack, gravel tracks, and paved connecting sections, we find that a 2.2” casing is the sweet spot. It offers decreased rolling resistance, reduced weight, and excellent maneuverability in a stable 29” diameter.

The ideal tyres for Tour Aotearoa, the Kiwi Brevet and other long distance New Zealand Bikepacking adventures


Tubeless Ready folding bead
60 TPI casing
Ideal rim width - 23mm
PSI - 19-27
Weight: Durable Casing 780g, Light and Supple (Black sidewall) 740g, Light and Supple (Tan sidewall) 660g

For rim compatibility and more details, go to the Teravail tech page.



The durable casing features a layer of woven aramid fiber reinforcement between the outer rubber and the inner casing. This material is twice as strong as Kevlar and lighter in weight than any competitive product. Located under the sidewall of the tyre, it provides moderate protection against abrasion and sharp gravel that may result in a flat tyre.



When extra puncture protection isn’t necessary, the light and supple casing offers decreased weight and a comfortable, ultra-supple ride quality at lower pressures when set up tubeless.



“The Teravail Sparwood tyres were an excellent choice for this year’s Tour Divide. The wear of the tyre is amazing. I used the same pair from start to finish, without a single flat! There were no signs of sidewall abuse either. The volume of the tyre yields great comfort, especially on a loaded bike, and the performance on the road surfaces was fast on the straights, predictable, and trustworthy in the corners. It’s a solid choice for anyone thinking of the Tour Divide.”

Jay Petervary
Ultra Endurance Cyclist