Campingmoon gas cylinder adaptor

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Gas transfer device




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Handy fuel transfer valve so you can transfer leftover fuel from one partially filled canister to another. Use the valve to consolidate fuel into one canister so that you can carry a full canister and recycle the empties.

Aluminium alloy body.
Practical and reusable to refill isobutane camping gas cylinders.
Pressure release button and adjustable control valve.
Lightweight and small size for convenient storage.
Input and Output: EN417 Lindal Valve
Size: 94x16x35mm
Weight: Approx. 40g

All it takes is a slight temperature difference between the cylinders to get the fuel flowing.

Thoughts from Cyclewerks.

These adaptors are fantastic. We've found gas transfer works best when putting the receiving cylinder in the freezer for 5 minutes, and the sending cylinder in the sun (or a bowl of warm water). Ideally use in conjunction with a good set of scales noting a base weight, then checking the weight of gas transfered. For fuel cost efficiency we purchase large 500g cylinders and transfer gas as needed into the tiny 100g cylinders ready for adventure.