Siren Cycles Fred Bar

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Fred Bar

Mount aero-bars to your mountain bike without compromising the height of your existing handle bar.



$169.90 incl GST
or 6 weekly payments of $28.32 incl GST


Please note - limited stock availability and high demand. The Fred bar will likely sell out in mid-October with next availability in late-November TBC.

Ready to ride far but can't get comfortable on your mountain bars? Want to maintain control over your bike with wider bars in technical sections but still be able to have an alternate position for longer gravel and tarmac stretches and not change the geometry of your bike's cockpit?

Inspired by endurance events like the Tour Divide, and mountain bike touring aficionados around the world, we answered the call for a more comfortable "aero" position on the bars by creating the Fred Bar.  Attached to your steerer, the Fred Bar allows you to mount aero-style bars to your mountain bike bars without compromising the current height of your existing handle bars. Attach to your steerer, mount your aero bars and you now have an additional position to cruise down those long fire and secondary roads. By raising your riding position and relieving the tension on your back, riders are able to go further with less lower back strain. Save your back for sleeping on the ground!

Featuring a durable smooth black satin anodized finish, beautiful welds, T6 heat treatment post welding and a construction we're truly proud of.

Made of 6061 aluminium in the United States and kissed by a trail angel.

170mm wide.
1.25" (31.8mm) outside diameter.
Requires 15mm of steerer to clamp down.
Miles of smiles!

International Orders

Yes we are shipping these internationally, please email us to make an enquiry or to place an order.


**Lifetime Warranty**

Give it all the hell you want! If it fails we'll send you a new one. We've continued to build these bars tougher and tougher every batch and we're 100% confident in the work we're doing here. You should be, too. So we're going above and beyond and adding a lifetime warranty on every Fred Bar ever made. Find another company that's willing to allow you to take their product down 3,000 miles of the Tour Divide route or across the entire Trans-Am. For that matter, try to find a company that's even had as many passes across any of these routes - and still provides a lifetime warranty. You found one here.

Bikepacker Magazine Fred Bar Review - Click here to read
"These things are perfect for anyone taking on a route that has plenty of forest roads such as the Tour Divide"