Salsa Bicycles

Bicycles from the company where "Adventure by Bike" is more than just a tag line.

Salsa Marrakesh Sora

Salsa Marrakesh

700c Touring

Salsa Vaya GRX 600

Salsa Vaya

All Road / Gravel / Light Touring

2020 Salsa Warbird GRX 810 DI2

Salsa Warbird

Gravel Racing

Salsa Journeyman Apex 1 650 Yellow

Salsa Journeyman 650

All-Road / Gravel / Light Touring

Salsa Journeyman Apex 1700 Black

Salsa Journeyman 700

All-Road / Gravel / Light Touring

2020 Salsa Cutthroat GRX 810 Di2

Salsa Cutthroat

Ultra endurance mixed surface / bikepacking / gravel

2020 Salsa Fargo Apex 1

Salsa Fargo

Off road touring / bikepacking

2020 Salsa Spearfish Carbon XTR

Salsa Spearfish

29"/27.5+ Full Suspension XC

2020 Salsa Horsethief Carbon XTR

Salsa Horsethief

29"/27.5+ Full Suspension Trail

2020 Salsa Rustler Carbon XTR

Salsa Rustler

27.5" Full Suspension Trail

2020 Salsa Timberjack XT

Salsa Timberjack

Hardtail trail

Salsa Timberjack Ti frame
2020 Salsa Beargrease Carbon X01 Eagle

Salsa Beargrease

Ultra Endurance / Fatbike Racing / Singletrack

2020 Salsa Blackborow GX

Salsa Blackborow

Off road Expedition / World touring / Creative thinking

2020 Salsa Mukluk Carbon NX Eagle

Salsa Mukluk

Fatbiking / Bushwacking / Singlespeeding

Salsa Alternator 1.0 Plate Right thru-axle M12x1.75 thread pitch with Derailleur Hanger

Salsa Derailleur Hanger Alternator 1.0 thru-axle M12x1.75

Replacement swing plate for Alternator 1.0 dropouts.

$49.90 incl GST