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Who's JACK?

JACK is a universal-fit front bicycle rack that securely straps to almost any bike, offering a straightforward solution to carrying your things with you while you ride.  A ‘Rack of all Trades’, JACK fits to your bike with a tool-free strap system, requiring no special bicycle frame or fork, no specialist equipment and no bike maintenance skills.

JACK lets you carry more things on your bike. It requires no tools to fit and securely attaches to bikes with a handle bar diameter of 22.2, 25.4 and 31.8mm. Its quick and easy to attach and remove so you can swap it from bike to bike. Please have a look at the compatibility image diagrams to make sure JACK fits your bike before you purchase.

JACK comes with two adjustable length bungees (1.2m) with snake heads to secure your baggage, a bunch of spacers and inserts and 5 different length Loadstraps to fit JACK to your bike.

JACK is rated to carry 5kg max based on the negative affects of bike handling when loaded.


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JACK cantilevers neatly over your front wheel without the need for special fork or frame fixings, so its’s a perfect match to almost any bike.


JACK firmly hooks onto your bike’s handlebars using two climbing strength woven straps. You don’t need a single bike tool to attach or detach JACK and it take less than a minute from one bike to another.


Made from high grade 304 Stainless Steel, JACK can carry your things, whatever the weather. It’s officially rated for 5KG* however we know it is capable of much much more.

*Rating is given based on bike handling, not product failure testing.




RACK FRAME: 304 Stainless Steel bar, matte powder coated (clear or black)
FABRIC BASE: Recycled 600D polyester.
LOAD STRAPS: High-strength recycled polyester.
RETENTION STRAP: High-strength recycled polyester, 304 Stainless Steel cam-lock buckle, powder coated.
SPACERS / INSERTS: 50% Pre-consumer recycled, 50% virgin, Nylon 6.
BUNGEES: Recycled polyester outer / rubber inner.


RACK WEIGHT: 700g +/- 10g (inclusive of spacers, fabric base and all straps)
LOAD CAPACITY: Maximum 5kg recommended. Any size / shape.


HANDLEBAR SIZES: 31.8mm, 25.4mm, 22.2mm and 25.4mm with immediate taper to 22.2mm
TYRE CLEARANCE: Minimum of 230mm from top of handlebar to top of tyre (if suspension bike; this
applies when the suspension is fully compressed).
STEM FACE PLATE: 35mm - 50mm width stem face plates
SPACE NEXT TO STEM: 12mm of handlebar space either side of stem faceplate.
STEM TYPES: Threaded and threadless stems
STEM ANGLE: -3° to +45° stem angles (measured from ground level).


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