Revelate Designs Saltyroll

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Revelate Designs SaltyrollRevelate Designs SaltyrollRevelate Designs SaltyrollRevelate Designs SaltyrollRevelate Designs Saltyroll with reinforced daisy chain loopsRevelate Designs Saltyroll shown flat

Revelate Designs Saltyroll

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Waterproof drybag with dual roll down closures


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The Saltyroll is a simple waterproof drybag with roll down closures on both sides. Use it with the Harness or some other carrying system.

Saltyroll Features:

  • Webbing daisy chain allows for a multitude of strap placements. Slot the straps on the Harness through the loops to keep the Saltyroll centered.
  • Waterproof seam sealed construction.
  • Dual roll down closures.

17.5cm (7") diameter, 60cm long max (packed with 3 rolls on each end for closure)

Weight: 175g
Volume: 15 litre capacity at max 60cm width

200 denier TPU laminated nylon.

Mount it up how you like, however be aware the fabric is not intended to handle wear against shifters / brake levers.