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The Original 100% Silicone Grips.

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ESI Custom length grips for Jones H-Bar

ESI Grips for Jones H-Bar

Custom length ESI grips for Jones H-Bar

$59.90incl GST

ESI Extra Chunky 34mm Silicone Grip

ESI Extra Chunky 34mm Grips

For those that like their grips chunky

$44.90incl GST

ESI Chunky 32mm Silicone Grip

ESI Chunky 32mm Grips

The best shock absorbing grip in the industry

$39.90incl GST

ESI Racers Edge 30mm Silicone Grip

ESI Racers Edge 30mm

The best grip for thin grip lovers

$39.90incl GST

ESI RCT Silicone Wrap

ESI RCT Road Bar Wrap

For riders looking for extra shock absorption and comfort compared to normal bar tape

$59.90incl GST