Co-Motion Tandems

Co-Motion Bluebird, painted in its glorious standard Memphis Blue and signature contrasting decals

Co-Motion Bluebird Tandem

You don’t have to break the bank to get real, American-made quality.

Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo

Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo Tandem

Family-friendly PeriScope design, easy and quick adjustments to fit the widest range of riders of any tandem.

Co-Motion Periscope Scout shown with Medium Blue paint

Co-Motion Periscope Scout Tandem

Family-friendly PeriScope design with incredible value, well equipped for your next family adventure.

Co-Motion Macchiato, shown in the Trublue Pearl Team Logo paint option

Co-Motion Macchiato Tandem

The Macchiato is the ultimate fast and lean road tandem, with incredible rigidity and superior strength.

Co-Motion Supremo shown with Champagne to Light Orange metallic fade

Co-Motion Supremo Tandem

The Supremo is feather light and race ready. The perfect balance of a classic road racing machine with unmatched ride quality.

Co-Motion Robusta

Co-Motion Robusta Tandem

The Robusta is the perfect race ready do-everything tandem, with incredible rigidity and superior strength.

Co-Motion Carrera shown with Stealth Rolf Prima wheels and the Lite Teal Pearl - Team Logos paint option

Co-Motion Carrera Tandem

The Carrera tandem is the perfect balance of ride quality and power with do it all versatility.

Co-Motion Java Rohloff, shown with Polished S&S Couplers, Max Adjust Stoker Stem & Thudbuster seatpost options

Co-Motion Java Rohloff Tandem

The Java Rohloff raises the bar for off-road touring bike design.

Co-Motion Java shown in new Teal Metallic paint

Co-Motion Java Tandem

This is the ultimate off-road touring bike with no compromises.

Co-Motion Equator, with Co-Pilot option, polished stainless steel dropouts and Pathfinder pkg options. Also shown with Chocolate Brown/Tan Panel paint option.

Co-Motion Equator Tandem

Reliable, strong and stable enough to handle any epic self-supported expedition you can dream of.

Co-Motion Speedster

Co-Motion Speedster Tandem

The Speedster is the standard for what a touring tandem should be.

Co-Motion Mocha 650b shown in new Olive paint

Co-Motion Mocha 650b Tandem

The Mocha is our classic steel off-road tandem bike, smooth and comfortable with excellent handling mile after mile.

Co-Motion Primera, shown in White Mica metallic

Co-Motion Primera Tandem

The Primera is our classic steel tandem bike, smooth and comfortable with excellent handling mile after mile.