Handlebars and Grips

Alternative bars and grips for your adventure comfort.

Jones H-Bar Butted Loop Alloy

Unconventional handlebars for better handling and more comfort than a traditional bar

$259.90 incl GST

Jones H-Bar Butted 2.5 Loop Alloy

2.5" rise version of the Jones Butted Loop Bar

$269.90 incl GST

Jones H-Bar SG Loop Alloy

Straight gauge aluminium version of the Jones Loop Bar

$179.90 incl GST

Jones H-Bar SG 2.5 Loop Alloy

2.5" rise version of the Jones SG Loop Bar

$189.90 incl GST

Passchier Gump 760 | NZ Made Bamboo handle bars

Passchier Gump 760

Handcrafted bamboo handlebars.

$350.00 incl GST

Jones H-Bar Carbon Loop

Carbon version of the unconventional Jones handlebar

$649.90 incl GST

Passchier Aero Bar Shims

Passchier Aero Bar Shim

Aero bar shims

$20.00 incl GST

Salsa Bend Deluxe Handlebar

17 and 23 Degree Sweep Handlebars

$149.90 incl GST

Salsa Cowbell Deluxe

Salsa Cowbell Deluxe Handlebar

12 degree flare drop bar for comfort

$149.90 incl GST

Salsa Cowchipper Deluxe

Salsa Cowchipper Deluxe Handlebar

The perfect road touring and mixed surface handlebar

$149.90 incl GST

Fred Bar, the largely unseen supporting cast member of two-wheel epics the world over

Fred Bar

Mount aero-bars to your mountain bike without compromising the height of your existing handle bar.

$189.90 incl GST

Jones H-Bar Pack

Storage bag for inside the Jones H-Bar Loop

$139.90 incl GST

ESI Custom length grips for Jones H-Bar

ESI Grips for Jones H-Bar

Custom length ESI grips for Jones H-Bar

$59.90 incl GST

Jones Kraton H-Grips

Jones Kraton H-Grips

Durable and inexpensive grips for the Jones H-bar

$44.90 incl GST

ESI Extra Chunky 34mm Silicone Grip

ESI Extra Chunky 34mm Grips

For those that like their grips chunky

$39.90 incl GST

ESI Chunky 32mm Silicone Grip

ESI Chunky 32mm Grips

The best shock absorbing grip in the industry

$34.90 incl GST

ESI Racers Edge 30mm Silicone Grip

ESI Racers Edge 30mm

The best grip for thin grip lovers

$34.90 incl GST

ESI RCT Silicone Wrap

ESI RCT Road Bar Wrap

For riders looking for extra shock absorption and comfort compared to normal bar tape

$59.90 incl GST

Salsa Gel Cork Handlebar Tape

Salsa Gel Cork Handlebar Tape

Get your Salsa bars covered with Salsa Tape.

$34.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Jones Loop H-Bar 4 point mounting kit for Sweetroll

Revelate Designs Jones Loop Bar kit

Four point mounting for Jones bars

$19.90 incl GST