Dynamo USB Chargers

Charge up your gadgets from your dynamo hub with a USB charger.

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Sinewave Cycles Reactor Black. Top cap style dynamo USB charger.

Sinewave Cycles Reactor

USB charger top cap.

$449.90incl GST

Sinewave Cycles Revolution

Bicycle dynamo powered USB charger.

$259.90incl GST

Sinewave Beacon 2

Sinewave Cycles Dynamo Beacon 2 Light / Charger

Dynamo powered headlight with integrated USB charger

$739.90incl GST

Sinewave Right Angle USB Extension

Sinewave Right Angle USB Extension

Ideal to clean up your setup

$22.90incl GST

B&M Headlight Mount - Stainless 45mm and 60mm

B&M Fork Crown Mount

Simple fork crown mount

$27.50incl GST

SON Schmidt handlebar mount - 38mm Black

SON Schmidt Handlebar Headlight Mount

Secure Aluminium Handlebar Mount

$69.90incl GST

Supernova Universal HBM 31.8mm

Supernova Universal Handlebar Mount 31.8mm

31.8mm Handlebar Mount

$89.90incl GST