Frame Bags

Frame bags are the best place on the bike to carry the heavy stuff.

Load these up with water, food, tools and spares.


Revelate Designs Tangle half frame bag

Revelate Designs Tangle Frame Bag

Half size frame bag

$169.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Ranger

Revelate Designs Ranger Frame Bag

Full Frame Bags - Mountain Geometry

$269.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Hopper frame bag

Revelate Designs Hopper Frame Bag

Universal fit frame bag with magnetic closure

$159.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Full Suspension Framebag

Revelate Designs Full Suspension Frame Bag

Designed to fit frames with horizontal shock placement along the top tube

$179.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Ripio

Revelate Designs Ripio Frame Bag

Full size frame bag for road, gravel and touring geometry.

$299.90 incl GST

Salsa EXP Series Cutthroat Direct Mount Frame Pack

Salsa EXP Series Direct Mount Cutthroat Framepack

Creates storage capacity in the main triangle of your Salsa Cutthroat

$279.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Cutthroat Framebag

Revelate Designs Cutthroat Frame Bag

Salsa Cutthroat specific frame bag

$329.90 incl GST

Salsa Anything Cage HD

Salsa Anything Cage HD

An "unconventional" bike rack

$69.90 incl GST

Salsa Anything Cage

Salsa Anything Cage Alloy

An "unconventional" bike rack

$59.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Joey downtube bag

Revelate Designs Joey Downtube Bag

Goes "down under" for extra capacity on your downtube

$149.90 incl GST

Revelate Designs Polecat

Revelate Designs Polecat

Lightweight drybag for your fork mounted cage

$79.90 incl GST

King Cage many Things Cage

King Cage Many Things Cage w/ 2 straps

Add on storage for your bike

$99.90 incl GST